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What it’s like working at Camp Kintail

Did you know that Kintail hires staff from all over the world? We’ve had friends join us from Greece, Spain, Mexico, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and more! Kirsty “Calaman” Taylor shares thoughts about her experience from her summer here in 2022!

Working as an International Staff at Camp Kintail

I was lucky enough to be able to fly over from Scotland to Canada again for the summer of 2019, to enjoy my second summer of working at Camp Kintail. As someone in their 20’s and a recent graduate of an undergraduate degree, I have not had a shortage of jobs so far. However, no job has quite matched up to working at Camp Kintail. Camp Kintail is a place where I truly feel I can be 100% myself and feel immersed in a loving and caring community. Here is a list of some of the reasons why camp is a great place to work. These are not all the reasons as then it would be the length of a Leo Tolstoy novel.

Why you should work at a summer camp!

  1. Outdoor learning: Nature-based learning is the best type of learning, you learn just as much as the campers!

  2. Beauty of Creation: You can truly appreciate the beauty of the world that God has created.

  3. Transferable Skills: The skills you learn are so valuable for so many different parts of your life!

  4. Living in Community: You will have a sense of complete belonging, the community is incredible.

  5. Spiritual Growth: It’s a safe place where you can explore who you are and your spirituality whilst also having a good time!

  6. The Campers! They will light up not only your day but give you fond memories to look back on in the future

  7. The opportunities: Not everyone can say they spent their summer working at a summer camp leading or participating in a whole range of activities, the doors that can open are limitless

  8. The friends! The friends you make at camp are lifelong friends, take that from someone who has had reunions with people from camp 3,000 miles from where we first met.

  9. Cultural Sharing: The different cultures and the opportunity to learn about them all. I was lucky enough to host a ceilidh at Kintail this summer and was wonderful to see people from all different places enjoying this Scottish tradition.

– Kirsty “Calaman” Taylor

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