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Onion’s Top 5 Nap Spots for an Hour Off

In my opinion having a small nap is one of the best ways I can come back from my hour off feeling refreshed. Being in your own bunk doesn’t always hit the spot and Kintail is such a beautiful place to explore so here are my favourite outdoor spaces to have a little snooze.

5. Throne in the woods

The throne in the woods is a lovely chair made of branches on the trail in the cedar forest. It’s rather peaceful and usually unoccupied. Other highlights include being in the shade and being able to hear the waves. The throne itself isn’t too big and has just enough space for me to curl up in the seat, however if you rely on being horizontal while you nap this may not be for you. Even if you find you can’t sleep, this location is still nice to go to read or draw.

4. Swing circle

The swing circle in font of the lodge is a great choice if you like the gentle rocking motion, the benches are long enough for most people to lie down on and it’s a great option to rest and relax as a group as there are 6 benches, it’s a nice location as its close to the bathrooms in the lodge and not so far to carry your cup of tea. You can also start a fire in the pit for added ambiance. There are a few downsides to the swing circle but can be worked around easily; it’s usually occupied during the daytime and sometimes the sun will directly hit the circle making it just a bit too bright, however that makes the swing circle a great option during evenings and on weekends when the site is empty.

3. Beach deck

The beach is one of the best paces at camp to have fun, it can also be relaxing if you do it right. I personally find napping directly on the beach (even with a towel) just a bit to sunny and a bit to sandy, however with the beach deck being mostly shaded and the upper deck over the paddle shack now available it’s an excellent spot to get all the benefits of napping on the beach. You can hear the waves and the birds, it’s also just out of cellphone range so there’s less distraction between you and your nap. It can be rather occupied during most of the day but not too busy that you can’t find a spot to lay down, and if it is to busy you can take few steps up to the chapel for a similar napping experience

2. Tree house

In the cedar forest, just the beach stairs you will find the tree house. It’s a lovely little spot at camp I like to use for FLASH and cabin chill time. It can also be used for a very pleasant nap, it takes a bit of a walk to get there but a nice walk in the cedar forest is a great start to relaxing. Unlike most of my favourite places this one has the advantage of beginning covered so regardless if it’s actively raining or rained the night before the tree house can guarantee a dry surface for you and your blankets during you rejuvenating slumber.

1. Hammock village

This is probably a universal favourite for a place spend time off, it’s also my all time favourite spots for a nap, with the gentle swinging of a hammock and the shade of the trees around it, hammock village behind Feathers creates an ideal environment for a solo nap, or a great spot to bring some friends as there are usually over 8 hammocks to choose from. It’s proximity to the bunnies means you don’t have to go far to get some comfort from our fuzzy friends and the general understanding that it’s a mellow, quiet area. The few things to keep in mind are that there is no cover if it’s raining and there is no flat surface for your tea. However, a travel mug can solve that issue.

Hopeful if you didn’t have a favourite nap spot at Kintail, you have some ideas to try out now! Don’t forget to set your alarm, happy napping!


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