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Camp Counsellor Packing Tips with Theta

If you’re going to work as a summer camp counsellor, there are a few things you should always have on-hand. Aside from the usual packing list of toiletries, cloths, and a good book- here are a few things I recommend any camp counsellor working at any summer camp has to stay organized and prepared!

A Backpack

As a camp counsellor, you’ll constantly need to have a whole bunch of things with you – your water bottle, cabin list, sunglasses, etc. Rather than trying to shove all of it in your pockets, or juggle a million things, try bringing a small backpack to keep it all in!

A Watch

Everything at camp moves very quickly, and it’s easy to lose track of time. Bringing a watch to camp is essential to making sure you arrive at all of your sessions on time!

Bracelet Making Supplies

There is almost no craft more camp-y than bracelet making! Having some bracelet making supplies on hand can fill some empty time in a pinch, and can create an awesome opportunity to teach your campers something new!


Whether it be for a late night bathroom run, or for making the trek back to the cabin from campfire in the dark, having a solid, functional flashlight is endlessly important at camp!

A Really Good Pen

Though this item may seem a little random, you’d be surprised how often you’ll need a pen at camp and there are none to be found. You could be drawing up a cabin covenant, taking notes at staff FLASH, or writing down some warm and fuzzies, either way you’ll be covered!

A Good Attitude

Above all else, the most important thing to bring to camp is a good attitude. If you come to camp ready to be excited and have a great summer, you’ll be prepared for anything!

– Anna “Theta” McIntosh

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