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However long you decide to stay, you choose the program options that interest you and your class. For each grade, we have established outdoor education sessions based on beach ecosystems or on the natural environment and habitats found around the campsite. We also have many other sessions that match with various parts of the curriculum, so if you let us know where you are in a topic, we can recommend the best session. 

Team Building & Leadership Development at its Best

Camp Kintail has many years of experience working with groups on leadership development, problem solving, communication and team building. Our excellent staff, numerous team building initiatives, 15 low ropes elements, 3 sided climbing tower, 13 element high ropes course and zip line provide groups with a fantastic place to develop leadership skills and come together as a team. Come to Camp Kintail with your class, club, sports team or community group to help them grow into a high performing and cohesive group.

Outdoor Physical Education —
It’s so much fun they won’t
notice they’re learning!

There are numerous activities that can be done at Camp Kintail, including several ‘minority sports’ that are difficult to do at school. Often the challenge is deciding which ones you want to include in your trip.  For all of these activities we can provide information regarding overall and specific expectations in the curriculum that can be enhanced or complimented while participating in the activities at Camp Kintail.

Environmental Science —
Active, Hands On, Learning

Please contact us for more specifics about the Environmental Science lessons. If there are any specific topics that you would like to cover that you don’t see listed here please let us know and we will work with you to plan a session that will meet your curriculum needs while providing a fun learning experience for the students.

Year End Class Trip —
End the year with a blast

If you would love for your class to have an experience they will never forget, come to Camp Kintail for your year end trip! Celebrate graduations, milestones and a successful year of school. Encourage your students to grow in confidence and leadership as they take part in activities on our waterfront, rock climbing tower and high ropes course, camp wide games, arts & crafts, music & drama, archery and sports are all possibilities during a fun stay at Camp Kintail.

We can't wait to see you!

Please e-mail with any questions you might have and to book your class in!

A group of staff wave goodbye to a school bus as it pulls out of the parking lot.
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