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Excited to come back to camp? Us too!
First time camper? We can't wait to meet you!

Here's what you can expect at Kintail:

Making the decision to register for camp for the first time can be overwhelming. There is a lot to think about when planning and packing for your child's week away. Browse these resources to answer your questions about life at Camp Kintail!


First and foremost, when you come to camp, you can expect to have FUN! A fun, safe, positive experience is our top priority at Kintail. From exciting programming, delicious meals and cozy cabins to an accessible site and inclusive values, we can't wait to see you here at Kintail!

A group of 4 campers pose for a photo at high challenge. They are all in harnesses and helmets.
A camper is laughing and dancing in the rec hall.
A group of young campers walk hand in hand with their counsellor on their way to campfire.
Two young campers smile at the camera while on the beach.


Camp Kintail has many great activities and programming to offer! Discover what you and your group are interested in by reading about each of the activities below. We pride ourselves on our ability to create programming suited to EVERYONE’s needs.

Please contact us by emailing or calling 519-529-7317 if you have any questions, need accessibility information or if you have an activity request that is not currently listed below.

A camper is sitting at the lunch table with a big smile on their face.
A drone image of the outdoor picnic tables during a mealtime.
A close up photo of a full plate of food. There is a burger, beets and chips.

Summer Catering

Food quantity and quality is our priority.

Happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions.

Red Seal Chef and professional kitchen staff.

Warm, fresh, and nutritious food is what we want all of our guests to experience with their stay at Camp Kintail. We strive to provide plentiful meals and snacks, with something for everyone to enjoy with always enough for seconds. Our food is guaranteed to give campers the energy they need for their busy and exciting programming! A Camp Kintail staff member is seated at every table and they will ensure that your camper is satisfied with their meals!


Pancakes & Sausages

French Toast & Sausages

Pastries & Oatmeal

Eggs & Bacon


Hamburgers & Hotdogs

Sub Sandwiches & Chips

Tacos or Quesadillas

Chicken Caesar Wraps


Spaghetti & Meatballs

BBQ Chicken & Rice

Roast Beef & Potatoes

Chicken Burgers & Fries


Not every meal is for everyone, and at Camp Kintail we understand that. We are always happy to accommodate dietary restrictions or other options if your camper doesn't like something. All lunches and dinners include a large salad bar that campers can choose from, as well as the option for fruit, soy butter and jam sandwiches or a grilled cheese! Need something else? Your counsellor and our kitchen staff can help your camper find something they will like!

A group of campers smile on the porch of their cabin.
The outside of a cabin. You can see the trees and the front porch.
The exterior of Sycamore cabin. You can see the path beside it and the front porch.
The interior of a cabin. You can see 5 bunk beds, the back door, a change room and cabin signs on the wall.
A group of campers on the front porch of a cabin. They are ready to go to the beach with towels and hats. They are smiling at the camera.


Our spacious Cabins sleep 8-12 guests in full sized single/single bunk beds. There are 20 cabins with electricity and heat that are insulated and include ramp access. All cabins have front and back doors with decks, a picnic table, change rooms, vinyl covered mattresses, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Campers staying in cabins use the shared washroom facilities at the Cabin Hill Washrooms, MacDonald Lodge, The Nest or Harmony House.

Yurts are a unique overnight accommodation offered at Camp Kintail. There are 4 Yurts in total, one on Cabin Hill and three placed in the woods in the Glen. All yurts are insulated, have electricity, 5 full sized single/single bunk beds, 4 windows and a rustic skylight that opens with a vent. Campers staying in yurts use the shared washroom facilities at the Cabin Hill Washrooms, MacDonald Lodge, The Nest or Harmony House.

If you are coming for our Leader in Training program, click here to learn more about LIT accommodations!

The interior of a yurt. You can see 3 bunk beds, each with beige mattresses.
The exterior of a yurt. The canvas is brown and beige, a green door and the outside porch with benches are shown in the image.
The interior of a yurt, you can see campers sitting on the floor and in their bunks.
Staff in the chapel, the person in focus is singing and reading the lyrics from a song book.

Faith at Kintail

At Kintail we take joy in celebrating our faith together, in a fun and accepting outdoor setting!

Camp Kintail is a part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, giving children and adults a Christian camping experience! At Kintail, our campers start and end their day with God. Each morning campers and staff gather together in our Outdoor Chapel to sing, praise, and learn about God before heading out to breakfast.


Once a day, cabins spend an hour of programming exploring their faith during our session known as FLASH (Faith, Learning and SHaring). FLASH is a child-orientated bible study full of games, singing and learning! Finally, before going to bed after campfire, campers have nightly cabin devotions. 

Does my camper have to be Presbyterian/Christian to attend Camp Kintail?

In no way do we require campers to any age to be Presbyterian, or even Christian. Chapel and FLASH are based round the philosophies of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. We ask that campers can be open to learning about and participating in these sessions, but each camper is always free to hold their own beliefs during this time; it is up to each individual to explore their own faith at their own pace.


If you have questions about faith at Kintail, email Theresa at

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