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Two smiling campers are a campfire. They are singing and playing guitars.


For over ninety years Camp Kintail has had the wonderful privilege and opportunity of serving thousands of children, youth, campers and guests of all ages. The ministry of Camp Kintail has touched and changed lives by being faithful to the gospel and introducing people to the rewards and challenges of living in Christian community.

It is our pleasure to celebrate successful summer programs, full camps, energetic campers and dedicated staff. It continues to be our privilege to offer a classic summer camping program providing the opportunity to talk about God in a natural setting, to play hard, to meet lifelong friends, and to be affirmed in the love of God.

The small group experience at Kintail emphasizes co-operative living, team work and individual excellence. All campers gain a greater understanding and acceptance of diversity and respect for others and their community. Young people gain an important sense of belonging to a group in an emotionally secure and safe setting.

Territorial Acknowledgement

Territorial Acknowledgement

We acknowledge with gratitude the traditional territory upon which we live, work, and camp. Camp Kintail is on the traditional territory of the Saugeen First Nation.  Treaty 45 1/2 of 1836 covers the area of Camp Kintail. We acknowledge this territory’s significance for the Indigenous peoples who lived, and continue to live, upon it and whose practices and spiritualities were tied to the land and continue to develop in relationship to the territory and its other inhabitants today.

We acknowledge that The Presbyterian Church in Canada has been a part of the residential school system.  Camp Kintail, with the Presbyterian Church, seeks a new relationship with the First Nations of this land, one based in honour and deep respect.

Our Neighbours: Saugeen First Nation

A Brief History of Residential Schools and the PCC’s Healing and Reconciliation Efforts

The Confession of The Presbyterian Church in Canada

Our Mission

Our Philosophy

Camp Kintail joyfully responds to God’s call by providing Christian hospitality and programming, forming a community where people play, live, and grow in God’s creation.

The GROW Philosophy:

GodAre we putting God first?

ResponsibleAre we being responsible and safe?

OutdoorsAre we enjoying and taking care of God’s creation?

WelcomeAre we being welcoming to everyone?

Our Values

Our Vision

Safety – Kintail is a secure place, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Play, fun, and joy – We are at our best when we work together joyfully, and play together


Inclusion – We strive to include and honour everyone, regardless of background, abilities, or affiliation.

Growth and Learning – Persons are encouraged to learn new skills, grow in their relationships, and utilize their gifts.

Excellence – Whatever we do, we do to the best of our ability, and we strive too continually improve how we do things.

Stewardship – We make decisions which help all care for the world God has made.

We foster and reinforce Faith in God

All are invited to and strengthened in their relationship with God.

We are a Worshiping Community

All that we do at Kintail brings us together in a community that joins with Creation in praising God.

We Focus on campers and guests

We are wholly committed to being attentive to the needs of our campers and guests and make those our priority.

We Build up the Body of Christ

Our community is dispersed throughout the world, in ways that make a positive difference in local communities and congregations.

We cultivate and strengthen Leadership

Our community and our programs prepare and send leaders into the church and for the sake of the world.

Meet our Directors, Full-time Staff & Camp Board

Board of Directors

The Camp Board works year-round to further the ministry and mission of Camp Kintail.  The board is responsible for the financial oversight of the camp and the policies and procedures that guide the work of the camp.  The board members commit to supporting the camp financially, prayerfully, and through their time and skills.  They represent the Presbyterian Church throughout the Synod and include both lay and clergy members.

Each year the board and Camp Directors report to the Synod of Southwestern Ontario.  The Report for 2021 can be read here: Synod Report – 2023

Lela Burt (London Presbytery)

Rebecca Park (Lambton West Middlesex)

Rev. Rob Congram (Huron Perth Presbytery)

Katherine St. Louis (Waterloo Wellington Presbytery)

Allison Podio (Hamilton Presbytery)

Spencer Edwards (Hamilton Presbytery)

Rev. Michelle Butterfield-Kocis (London Presbytery)

Shaunna MacQuarrie (Niagara Presbytery)

Rev. Jeff Crawford (London Presbytery)

Anna McIntosh (Huron-Perth Presbytery)

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