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Camp Kintail offers amazing opportunities for schools all year long! However long you decide to stay, you choose the program options that interest you and your class! Programming caters to leadership and team building, environmental education, or just a fun year-end day trip. Working together, we will design a schedule best suited to your needs. Learn more about school programming and curriculum links here.

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A group of campers with their counsellor smiling up at the camera on the basketball court.

Learn about health & safety practices at Kintail, our policies, accessibility, inclusion, and more here.

How to book:

When you're ready to book your trip, or have questions regarding school trips to Kintail take these next steps!

1. Review the Info Package and the FAQs at the end. 

2. Contact Shelagh to inquire about your trip and possible dates.

3. You will receive a reservation form to fill out and submit it to Shelagh. She will be able to help you with any questions you may have!

4. Once your trip reservation has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation package with additional information to help you and your students have an awesome time at Camp Kintail!


Camp Kintail has many great activities and programming to offer all year long! Discover what you and your group are interested in by reading about each activity Kintail provides! We pride ourselves on our ability to create programming suited to EVERYONE’s needs.

Our most requested school activities include our Low and High Challenge Courses – which has a variety of individual and group challenge initiatives that promote teamwork and communication – Archery, and our 18 Hole Disc Golf Course. Some groups enjoy adding watercraft or beach exploration to see our beautiful beach, while others enjoy sports like soccer, disc golf or gaga ball. Year after year, the most asked for and repeated program is a classic game of Capture The Flag on the playing field or in our cedar forest. We highly recommend ending your stay with singing around the campfire and roasting marshmallows!

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Whether you have your students pack their lunch or choose to have Camp Kintail cater, this is a fantastic time for students and staff to bond while they fill up on nutrients and relax, preparing them for the rest of the day's adventure!


We strive to provide plentiful meals and snacks, with something for everyone to enjoy with always enough for seconds. Not every meal is for everyone, and at Camp Kintail we understand that! Fruit, bread, jam and soy- butter, a tasty peanut butter alternative, are offered as an alternative at every meal that is catered by Camp Kintail. Our food is guaranteed to give campers the energy they need for their busy and exciting programming!

Food quantity and quality is our priority.

Happy to accommodate for any dietary restrictions.

Red Seal Chef and professional kitchen staff.

Two campers smile for the camera during a meal time.
A drone image of the outdoor picnic tables during a meal time.
Two campers smile for the camera during a meal time. One is holding a sandwich.


All of our buildings and activities are accessible – we work hard to meet the needs of all our guests. Camp Kintail has and continues to make substantial updates to all of our facilities to greater improve our guests experiences. Along with fresh updates, we have high speed WiFi coverage across the entirety of our site that can support a large number of users. While we encourage schools to use their trip to enjoy the outdoors, we have many options for rainy days and indoor programming.

Drone image of MacDonald Lodge. You can see the lane, the parking lot and the tree garden.
Drone image of the Nest building. You can see 4 cabins in the back field, the lake and the parking lot.
A drone image of lower camp. You can see 3 buildings including Harmony House.

Is one day not enough? Learn more about our overnight school trips!

We're here all year!

Three guests smile while using snowshoes on the south field covered in snow.
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