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You can see a staff member leading a campfire song and teaching the actions. They have two braids in their hair and you can see the fire in the background.

For over 85 years Kintail’s continued success has largely been due to the financial support and volunteer assistance of the Synod, congregations, alumni, and generous individuals. We continue to need support through equipment and financial donations in order to maintain our facilities, programs, camper subsidies, reasonable fees and the quality of leadership Christian camping deserves.

Please consider how you can be involved – by attending Kintail events, volunteering, or contributing to an item on our wish list. Our campership fund is vital to allowing all children to have access to camp. There are many ways to connect to the ministry at Kintail. We are incredibly thankful for the generous contributions of individuals, congregations, and organizations over the past years.

Get Involved

Camp Kintail continues to grow and expand a little more every year. It is healthy and solvent in large part because of the commitment Synod has made to this vital ministry. We strongly affirm Synod’s vision and gratefully express our appreciation for the grant and support we receive.

We LOVE using the Wish List items!

A camper is kicking a blue soccer ball.


A camper carries their tobaggon back up the ramp after going down the slide.


Two campers in lifejackets smile for the camera holding yellow and black paddles.


A group of campers work away at various projects at the arts and crafts picnic tables.


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