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The Five Finger Prayer

Sometimes it can feel easy to pray, the words just come to you and your heart speaks to God without your head getting in the way. Other times it can be harder. There is no right or wrong way to pray, but this handy prompt can help guide you through prayer without the pressure or worries of coming up with it all yourself!

Start with what’s closest to you and work your way outwards!
  1. Start with your thumb and pray for the people closest to you. Your family, your friends, your loved ones.

  2. Your pointer finger is for people who need strength and guidance as leaders. Your coaches, your teachers, your counsellors, doctors, or first responders.

  3. The tallest finger is where we pray for leaders in the government, businesses and organizations, and leaders in the church.

  4. Your ring finger is where you’ll pray for those in need. The people who may be hungry, who may be sick. The people who need safety, comfort, and love.

  5. Lastly you reach the pinky, your smallest finger. This is where you pray for yourself.

There are so many ways you can pray! Last year Trillium also taught us how to do a body prayer! If you’ve forgotten how or want to follow along you can revisit the video here!

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