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How to Experience the 7 Types of Rest at Camp

Rest is a vital part of everyone’s lives but it can be so hard to get the rest we need these days. Here are the 7 Types of Rest and some of my tips on how to get them whilst at camp! Be mindful of rest, whether you’re a parent, a crafter coming to get away for the weekend, or a camper wanting to enjoy your week to the fullest.

Even if you can’t make it to camp, try to consider ways you can make space for each kind of rest in your day to day life!

Physical Rest This one is easy, there are plenty of relaxing places to rest your eyes and let your body recover. From the hammocks, to the (sometimes) sandy beach in the warm sun, or even sitting in front of the fireplace in the lodge with a book and hot chocolate. The red chairs around site are so inviting and just thinking of these places makes me want to fall asleep and recharge!

Mental Rest Mental rest is where you stop forcing your brain to work hard and give it some time to make connections, and cement memories. Sitting in nature and just taking in the sights, sounds, and smells around you can be so refreshing! There are plenty of quiet places to sit and experience nature at Kintail, especially along our new hiking trail. You can even try a breathing exercise at home right now for a moment of mental rest!

Social Rest Social rest can mean many different things for different people. Some folks need to take a break from other people and spend time alone, while others can find social rest by interacting with people of a similar mindset or people with common goals to work towards. Kintail is a safe place where all of these things can happen, whether you go on a hike alone or meet some new friends!

Creative Rest There are many opportunities to rest creatively at Camp Kintail, especially during our Crafters Retreats. Find fresh creative energy sitting on the beach being inspired by nature. Take in the words of someone else by reading some poetry or a novel by the fire. Bring a clear mind and give yourself the time and space you need to bring your projects to life!

Emotional Rest Sharing your emotions can be hard, and it can be challenging to find someone you feel comfortable sharing those emotions with. Camp is such a safe and wholesome place that a listening ear can easily be found! Whether it’s one of the friendly staff or another guest who happens to be going through something similar. There are many friendly folks to listen at Camp Kintail and help connect in faith and fellowship to ease emotional strain.

Sensory Rest Sensory exhaustion comes from too much screen time and excess noise/ stimulation surrounding you. Take some time to step away from that and find rest in nature. There are plenty of things to do outside and away from the screen at camp! Challenge your fears at High Ropes course! Consider going for a swim at the beach or just walking through nature on our hiking trail alone or with a friend.

Spirtual Rest Spiritual rest is the ability to connect beyond the physical and mental and feel a deep sense of belonging.” Some of the best camp memories are made singing together in the Chapel. Take some time to reflect on a devotion where you can hear the waves on the shore. Maybe try some yoga or meditation. Camp Kintail is a space to make time for your spiritual well being either alone or in community.

Retreats at Camp Kintail are such a good way to rest in all seven ways! You don’t need to worry about cooking or cleaning and you get to spend as much time in nature as you need. We hope you’re able to visit soon, and experience restfulness in your life throughout the year. See you soon!

– Chris “Eldur” Bridgwater

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