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Advent at Camp Kintail

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Retreats at Kintail are an amazing way for individuals, groups of friends, and families to come together to experience top-quality Christian hospitality. The events and retreats at Kintail allow guests to enjoy the grounds and amenities, but each have their own flair! Here are a few things that make the Advent Retreat so fun and memorable!

Friday Night Roller Disco

Guests arrive late Friday afternoon, enjoy a delicious meal, then get a chance to try out roller skating! There are skates for everyone, from the smallest tots to the folks who are regularly asked if they play basketball (who somehow still seem like they are growing). 

Helmets, knee, elbow, and wrist pads are all provided and folks have skated for hours around the center of the lodge and around the back corridors. The hallways are a perfect place for learning, it’s so easy to hold onto the wall if you start to slip!

Christmas Crafting

There are make-and-take crafts available throughout the retreat (bracelet making supplies, colouring pages, etc.) and on the schedule families receive on arrival there are guided crafts provided by the camp! The crafts have ranged from yarn Christmas tree centerpieces, to home-made wreaths, linoleum print-making, live-edge sign making, and more! There are always lots of great opportunities to bring something home that you’ll keep for years to come. Many art projects have started out as gifts, that never made their way to their recipients after all!

Christmas Baking

What could be more festive than decorating gingerbread and sugar cookies! This perfect evening snack is as fun to create as it is to eat. Tracy makes all the cookies from scratch here at the Kintail kitchen  and prepares icing and other treats to decorate with! People's personalities really shine in this activity. From a perfect, classic gingerbread man to the most avant garde creations, everyone has a chance to decorate something they’ll love!

Games and Camp Fun!

There is something to do each hour of the day at Kintail! There are scheduled times for camp-led programs like archery, slide, slingshot, and group games as well as open access to disc golf, the hiking trails, and the basketball court. The last few years we have included a STEM session in our Advent Retreat with kids making cars to race or competing in an egg drop challenge. 

Whether you want to spend your time sitting by the fire, or participating in every activity each minute of the day- the Advent Retreat is a full of fun and energy as the days grow shorter. We hope to see more of you next year!

Christin “Hydra” Gillard

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