Camp Kintail – 2022

Registration is opening February 1, 2022

Our summer camp programs have changed in the wake of COVID-19. For the most up to date information regarding our camps please visit the main page of our website or call the camp office! 519-529-7317

Below you will find the outline of a typical day at Camp Kintail, where we laugh, learn, grow and play together.

Summer Camp programs prior to 2020.


Please note that this is a general timeline ideally used for campers aged 11 to 13. Specific times – particularly evening program and bedtimes – vary depending on the age group of the camp.

7:05 am – Morning Activities

If you’re an early riser, or love starting your day off with a refreshing dip in the lake, join us each morning for a variety of fun filled activities to get you excited for the day ahead.  If you attend our Polar Bear Dip every morning it’s offered, you can become a member of the Polar Bear Club and earn yourself an exciting prize at the end of the week.

7:40 am – Chapel

Every morning we gather in our outdoor chapel to celebrate the new day and God’s creation.  Together we sing songs of praise and learn about God’s message.

8:00 am – Breakfast

8:30 am – Duties/Cabin Clean-Up

Working together, campers and staff spend a few minutes each morning helping to keep the site clean.  Duties include feeding the camp bunnies, sweeping the floors and tidying up cabins.

9:15 am – Session 1

Cabin groups rotate through a variety of programs during morning sessions.  These sessions include Arts and Crafts, Nature, Adventure/Low Ropes, High Ropes, Rock Wall, Camp Crafts, Music and Drama and Watercraft (Canoeing/Kayaking).  Two cabins attend each session at a time, allowing campers to interact with both campers in and out of their cabin.

10:00 am – Session 2

10:45 am – Session 3 or Specialized Area

If you are attending our Sports, Explorers, Discovery, Dance, or Guitar or Express camp, this time is used each day to meet with your specialized program area.

11:30 am – Faith, Learning And Sharing (FLASH)

Gathering together as a cabin in a quiet area, counsellors lead campers through a time of Bible study, providing them with a safe space to share and reflect upon God’s Word.

12:00 pm – Agora

A time to gather before lunch and play some back-pocket games with friends.

12:15 pm – Lunch

1:00 pm – Down and Out

After an exciting morning, take some time to rest and reflect on your time spent at camp.  Use the time to read a book, write a letter home, or play a quiet card game with a friend.

2:00 pm – Free Swim

Enjoy the refreshing waters of Lake Huron, soak in the sun on the sandy shore, or build a sandcastle and bury your counselor.  Free swim is a great time to cool off on those hot summer days and hang out with friends.  Free swim at Camp Kintail takes place in a buoyed-in area of the lake, with qualified lifeguards keeping watch, both in the water and from the shore.

3:00 pm – Individual Optional Or Specialized Area

Each individual optional period provides campers with a choice of two activities – one high energy and one low energy – for example, Soccer Baseball and Bracelet Making, or Raft Building and Music Appreciation.  Campers choose which activity they would like to attend independent of the other campers in their cabin.

4:00 pm – Cabin Optional

As a cabin, choose your own adventure!  Have an activity at camp you’ve always wanted to try, but never got the chance?  Well this is the perfect time to try it!  This is your time as a cabin to do what you all like the most!  Make suggestions to your counselor’s and they’ll fit in all the activities they can during this exciting hour!

5:00 pm – Children Having A Lot Of Fun (CHALOF)

Gather together with other cabins just before dinner to play some smaller games with one another.

5:30 pm – Dinner

6:30 pm – Games And Fun For Youth (GAFFY)

Following dinner, gather on Cabin Hill with all the other campers at camp to play a variety of fun activities, such as Rikki Tikki, Darling if You Love Me, and Streets & Alleys.

7:40 pm – Prime Time

Love playing Capture the Flag?  Then you’ll love Prime Time at Camp Kintail!  A mix of traditional and new games, Prime Time is the time of day for the whole camp to get together and play a big game which uses the entire camp site.  Some Camp Kintail classics include camp versions of Clue and Risk, Counselor Hunt and Gauntlet, and the always anticipated Mission Impossible for senior campers.

8:30 pm – Snack

9:00 pm – Camp Fire

Campfire – the ultimate way to end your day at camp – singing songs and playing guitar around the glowing campfire.  Whether we’re having campfire in the Meadows, in the Glen, or on the beach, it is always a great feeling to be surrounded by friends singing silly songs, action songs, quiet songs and praise songs as we finish up our day together.  Camp Kintail classics include Great Big Moose, Princess Pat, It’s Not Hard, Come and Walk with Me, and Sanctuary.

10:00 pm – Devotions

As everybody settles down into their sleeping bag for the night, counsellors lead a nightly devotion to bring the day to a close.  Focusing on a variety of topics, such as encouraging others, loving yourself, or helping out a friend, Devotions is another opportunity to be reminded of God’s love for us and the type of lives we are encouraged us to lead.