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A drone image of canoes and kayaks on the lake.

Flexible Pricing & Camperships

Camp Kintail offers flexible pricing with 3 choices for our camp sessions. Every family can choose the level of payment that is right for their situation. Option A is the traditionally subsidized rate, Option C is the rate that is more representative of the true cost of camp, while Option B is the mid-point. We recognize that Option A is still difficult for some families to cover, and so Camperships will continue to be available for families that require assistance.

The option you select in no way affects your camper's experience at Camp Kintail!

These lower rates are made possible by donations from individuals and churches. Please choose the option that suits your needs best, we do not require any type of documentation or reasoning for your decision.


If you require further assistance with the cost of camp or have any questions, please call 519-529-7317 or email and we would be happy to help!

If your family is in a financial position to choose Option B or C, your generosity will be used to contribute to various improvements around Camp Kintail. Over the past few years, Camp Kintail has been able to build The Nest (a year-round building), expand winter programming (with skis and snowshoes), and increase accessibility (with a ramp to Believer’s Bluff) due to our amazing donors. All donations and volunteered work goes a long way! Thank you for your contributions and generosity towards helping Camp Kintail grow! 

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