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Working at Camp in the Winter – A Whole Other World

Hello everyone!

When I started working at Camp Kintail this summer, I never imagined I would have the privilege of still living and working here this winter. Before this winter, I, like many other Kintail folk, have only had the pleasure of visiting camp in the warm summer months. I think it’s safe to say that I have quickly fallen in love with camp in this new wintry way.

Though I have never quite felt attracted to winter sports, I have found a new admiration for skiing, snowshoeing, and even simply strolling up and down the shore, taking in the fascinating frozen pattern of the waves at the beach. As someone who typically thrives in the toasty summer weather, I can assure you that the joy that comes along with trying these novel activities in such an exciting place is enough to sway even the fiercest of winter-haters.

Something that I especially love about the winter here is the sense of serenity and calm that envelops the site. As I have said, I tend to remain mostly indoors during this frigid season, so much so that I sometimes forget just how BIG camp is, and how much empty space there is here to enjoy. There is simply something about walking down an untouched hiking trail for the first time after a fresh snowfall that reminds me how there are always new ways I can discover to love and appreciate camp.

Have no doubt, the magic of camp is still very alive here in the winter months. It breathes in the gentle wisps of snow that drift across the field of dreams, and shimmers in the reflection of the sun off the ice. Most of all though, it beams across the faces of everyone who visits camp, reminding me why this place remains so close to my heart.

I hope that everyone (even those who are as apprehensive about the winter as I am), have the opportunity to visit camp during this unique season!

Anna “Theta” McIntosh

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