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The Magic of Spring

 There is something magical about teaching students to build a fire for the first time, or seeing them gleefully boat in Lake Huron's stunning waters. For those who have arrived it has been a beautiful spring here at Camp Kintail. We have had the privilege of hosting many end of year celebrations, and graduation trips from all across Southern Ontario. As the spring goes on, we get to watch friendships blossom amongst staff who have only just met two months ago while they guide students in new ways of seeing their classmates. I am amazed year after year how one place can make so many smiling faces, and lifelong friends. 

Perhaps whatever the glue that binds us is can be found in the communion we have with nature here, with each other. I am often asked by teachers if their students should bring their phones, and I always suggest against it. There are no photos or texts that can capture the wonder behind eating breakfast amongst the mourning doves. The only distraction from your fresh muffins and eggs being the laughter of a table of people next to you. No Tik-Tok or video-chat to distract from the learning that takes place when trying entirely new things. Some students come having never shot a bow, and end up finding out they have a steady hand. Others leave with a handmade Salamander Keychain that holds the conversation they had while making it; their hands crafting while their minds expand. 

Whatever the magic is, it keeps coming with each school bus that will come down that lane. Year after year. Spring, after spring. 

Abigail Bezaire

Outdoor Education Coordinator

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