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Sprouts, Try-Out & Day Camp

If you have a camper who doesn't have much experience away from home, being at camp, has a busy summer schedule or is just a little nervous about coming to camp for the first time! Our sprouts, try-out and day camps might be the perfect solution!

Sprouts is a 3 day overnight camp for youth ages 5-7.

 Try-out camps are also 3 day overnight camps offered for junior, intermediate and senior campers!

These shortened weeks have adjusted schedules to include lots of fun camp activities for campers to come enjoy, two nights with their cabins, delicious camp meals and lots of time to make friends and amazing memories!

Day camp offers all the camp activities for ages 5-13 including a delicious catered lunch each day! Day camps run from Monday-Friday.

Have more questions about your campers first time at camp? Email us at


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