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Kin-Tales November 2023

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Each November the annual conference of the Presbyterian Church Camp & Conference Association(PCCCA) is held. This year it was at Ferncliff Camp & Conference Centre located in Little Rock, Arkansas. This year Trillium, Hydra, Flame, Lune and I attended from November 13-17. The PCCCA is composed mainly of camps and conference centres in the Presbyterian Church USA, but also a number of Canadian Presbyterian Camps. It has approximately 100 member sites.

This year we had guest preaching from the new President of Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur Georgia. We attended a variety of seminars and enjoyed the hospitality and catering of a sister campsite. We discussed how to improve our ministry and new ideas for the mission that is camp.

The highlight of the event is meeting and talking with friends and colleagues who do the same work as we do at Camp Kintail, but they are from all over Canada and the US. It is a reminder that it is the people in our lives that are most important to us, no matter where we go.

Johnathon "Mercury" Lee

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