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Art at Camp by Heron

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  Camp is such a unique and beautiful place to so many people. Whether someone has been coming to camp their whole life, or if it is a completely new…

Ciel - Pendo

Where in the World was Ciel?

| Staff, Where in the World? | No Comments

Jambo marafiki! I’m sure you are all thinking, “What on earth is Ciel talking about?” after reading that. Well, that is “Hello Friends” in Swahili! In the beginning of March,…


Water Filtration by Narwhal

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  This summer one of my favorite sessions to lead was Water Filtration. During water filtration the cabins would break up into groups of three or four. They would then…


Pre-Camp by Peridot

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Hey guys! A lot of you know what the Kintail Staff does during the summer because you see us around camp working, but you often ask us what we do…