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The Most Beautiful Things & Places by Moufette

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  There is no denying that Kintail is gorgeous, its sunsets are marvelous the night sky is breathtaking. The campsite in general is just beautiful. I have been coming to…

Okra - resize

Where In the World is Okra?

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I’ve been spending the last few months in the sunny country of Australia.  As everyone back home in Canada got buried in snow and bundled up, I shed my winter…

Space Photo

Space Painting with Stork!

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Hey everyone! Stork here with a post about some painting we did during K9! I have been waiting all summer to run this individual optional with campers. I love painting…


Escarpment’s Chocolate Bannock Recipe

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  As Outdoor Living Skills director this past summer, I made a lot of bannock with campers, nearly every week. For those of you who don’t know, bannock is a…