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Changes in the office

Changes in the Office by Fennec

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Every single year, camp changes; sometimes the changes are big, like the construction of the new chapel in 2010 or the addition of the Adventure Tower to our high ropes…

Spring Staff

Courage in Community by Chickadee

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Chickadee here! This year will be my first time spending the entire spring up at Camp Kintail! Being up at camp so early and living with the program staff has already…


Early Spring- Chasm & Raindrop

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Hi everyone, Raindrop and Chasm here! This year the two of us were lucky enough to be able to come up to camp at the start of April, three weeks before…


My Kintail Homecoming by Guava

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After a 4 year hiatus from working at Camp Kintail, I’ve returned and joined the staff of 2016! And it certainly feels good to be back. I had previously worked here from…