Bunnies & Chickens at Sprouts by Gopher

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Calling all rabbits!

K5 was filled with energetic and happy filled little campers disguised as rabbits, chickens and even unicorns!  During sprouts week, I transitioned from being on the beach and lifeguarding, to hopping in the bunny cage to holding grumpy hens.  I had a lot of fun being the Nature director for a few days!  During this period, I painted the sprouts campers faces as whatever animal or mythical being they wanted.  It was mostly a lot of requests to be painted as white bunny rabbits, but there were a few chickens and chipmunks.  It was a week filled with new experiences, long lasting memories, and a ton of fun.


Help!  A bunch of rabbits and chickens escaped!

Gopher - ChickensThe Mother Hen

Gopher - Mother hen


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