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1. Accessibility/Access to Buildings & Site

2. Programming Accessibility

3. 2SLBGTQIA+ Inclusion

4. Flexible Pricing

5. Camperships

6. One-on-One Supports


Accessibility /Access to Buildings & Site

Ramp access is available throughout the site including the beach, the Glen and the bluff. Main buildings are accessible via gravel road and/or flagstone paths and have ramp access. Please note that the ramp to the beach are steep and should be accessed with a support person for safety. Our full policy can be found here.


MacDonald Lodge

  • one level with no stairs, steps or inclines, thresholds at exterior entrances

  • accessible washroom in main hall is equipped with automatic door, adult change table, right height toilet with a bidet, grab bars and motion activated taps

  • other main hall washrooms are equipped with automatic doors, one larger stall with grab bars and motion activated taps


Cabins & Yurts

  • accessible via ramp

  • Maple cabin located on cabin path is equipped with an automatic door opener and more space to allow for assistive devices 


The Nest

  • accessible via ramp

  • automatic door at main entrance

  • two designated accessible parking spots by the entrance

  • main floor guest rooms 101 and 104 are larger, as well as roll-in showers, bidets, grab bars and motion activated taps

  • ramp access to the upper and lower floors of the building

  • accessible washroom in main lobby is equipped with automatic door, adult change table, right height toilet with a bidet, grab bars and roll in shower

  • all washrooms have motion activated taps

Feathers Cottage

  • accessible via ramp

  • automatic door at the main entrance

  • two designated accessible parking spots by the entrance

  • accessible washroom with automatic door, roll-in shower, grab bars and motion activated tap


Programming Accessibility 

Camp Kintail strives to provide programs, goods and services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. We are committed to giving people with disabilities the same opportunity to access programming and benefiting from the same services, in the same place, and in a similar way as other participants.


  • ramp access to beach. The ramp is steep and should be accessed with a support person for safety.

  • access mat on sand to the left and right of the beach deck as well as down to the water

  • two large wheel beach chairs for assistance to the water or across the beach

High Challenge​

  • ARC (Adapted Ropes Course) harness offers full support for participants who cannot sit upright on their own

  • full body harness offers extra support and mobility for participants who are not able to climb fully on their own

  • accessible harness allows participants to do Flying Squirrel and Giant Swing

  • 4:1 belay system offers assistance to participants climbing parts of the the course

  • participants must be able to either verbally or non-verbally communicate "yes" and "no" to be able to climb

  • participants cannot currently have any spinal cord injuries

  • the high challenge course is accessible by grass, and via the gravel lane

  • all participants must wear a helmet


  • ramp access to slingshot, stationary slings available

  • 100 ft. slide - Participants must be able to sit on their own to ride

  • flagstone path to and at archery range

  • ramp access to arts and crafts building

  • different hike/disc golf routes can be used for accessibility

  • campfire locations available by path, grass or gravel lane


2SLGBTQIA+ Inclusion

Camp Kintail is a 2SLGBTQIA+ affirming camp that strives to be a safe place for all guests to enjoy all the activities a summer camp has to offer while being their authentic selves. Our full policy can be found here.


Camp Kintail has been Rainbow Registered since 2023.

Our inclusion policy and practices include:

  • all-gender cabin options

  • all-gender washrooms in MacDonald Lodge, The Nest and Harmony House - period product disposals are available in all washrooms on site and guests are free to use the washroom they feel most comfortable in.

  • spaces on forms to share pronouns

  • gender identities will be protected and not disclosed to others

  • all showers are single occupancy with changing area

  • cabins all have two private change rooms

  • during the hiring process, applicants are informed of ways camp works to promote inclusion for staff and guests


  • cabin counsellors are trained to discuss privacy and respect with their campers

  • staff are trained on creating safer spaces for campers, guests and staff, including rationale and training to provide campers and guests with an emotionally and physically safer environment.

  • Camp Kintail invited speakers to present on accessibility and 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusion. Speakers have included TQAMP and Sawchuk Accessible Solutions. 


Flexible Pricing

Camp Kintail understands that the opportunity to come to camp is a privilege. Camp is about being a part of community, and communities look out for each other.  Together, camp staff, alumni, board members, camp families, Presbyterian congregations, and Kintail supporters share of their resources to help make summer camp and retreats accessible financially. 


Camp Kintail offers flexible pricing with three choices for camp sessions. Families can choose payment that is right for their situation. Option A is the traditionally subsidized rate, Option C is the rate that is more representative of the true cost of camp, and Option B is the mid-point. Camperships will continue to be available for families that require assistance regardless of the option selected. The payment option you select in no way affects your camper's experience at Camp Kintail. 



Camp Kintail believes the cost of camp should never be a barrier to participation in summer camp. Families can choose one of the three flexible pricing options, or alternatively, indicate through the registration process what they (or another organization or congregation) are able to cover (which could range from nothing to most of the fee). A Camp Kintail campership will cover the remainder, until the funds for a given year are exhausted. There is no need to explain why a family may need help or to provide proof of their financial situation. Our full policy can be found here.


One-on-One Supports

Each week Camp Kintail offers a limited number of one-on-one counsellors to provide extra support for campers to have a fun and meaningful week of camp at no extra cost to the family or camper. One-on-one counsellors are not PSWs or EAs, but staff members who are excited to help a child have a safe and fun camp experience. These support spaces are available on a first come first served basis. If your camper may require one-on-one support, please email


Accessibility & Inclusion
at Camp Kintail

2SLGBTQIA Presentation at Kintail
Accessibility Seminar at Camp Kintail
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