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Kintail Worldwide

| Uncategorized, Staff | No Comments

If you have been to Kintail lately, your ears may have picked up a variety of different accents around camp. That’s because our amazing staff team features people from all…

Ciel’s Experience at General Assembly

| Staff | No Comments

I have been involved with the Presbyterian Church for my whole life. Whether it be Sunday school, youth group and Camp. This year, I was honoured to be able to…

Greetings from Tanzania

| Staff | No Comments

Hello Kintail Community! It’s Ciel, writing to you from Tanzania, Africa. I have been volunteering here for just under 2 months now at Tumaini Children’s Foundation, an orphanage. It has…

Lessons from the Garden by Pippit

| Staff, Outdoor Education | No Comments

For many children, veggies come from the farmers’ market, the produce section of the grocery store, or the crisper drawer in their home fridge. At Camp Kintail, they have the…