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All God’s Creatures Have a Place in the Choir: Ashlee (Sr Co-ed Camper)

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Have you ever been seventy feet up in the air while gliding across beautiful camp Kintail ? I have! Its an amazing feeling, I feel so free! Now you you…

Chickadee’s Top 11 Favourite Songs from the Kintail Songbook

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Chickadee’s Top 10…11 Favourite Songs from the Kintail Songbook Every Sunday afternoon before campers arrive the staff always meet to discuss the week ahead. This is one of my favourite…

Night Skies at Camp Kintail by Pipit

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As a child I loved looking up at the night sky and watching the stars move across the heavens. Summertime meant camping trips which mean being able to see thousands…

Welcome to the Kintail office by Pippit

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At first glance, the office at Camp Kintial may seem like a typical camp office space, full of desks, chairs, and overflowing bookshelves. But the more you look, the more…