At its most fundamental basics, Kintail isn’t a place, but a community. Kintail thrives on people and people alone. It’s the individual campers, staff and alumni which bring this place to life; it’s about the people, not the programming.

These elements of people and programming go hand in hand. By filling the space with people, our programs are naturally enriched. When working with any camper or Lit, it becomes easy to see the potential for future innovation and greatness. However, camp is not a right; it’s a luxury that we have been blessed with. When financial need arises it is impractical to place camp above necessities such as food or shelter, and rightfully so. However, this shows a flaw within our society. Why do we often see prosperity linked with opportunity? If the potential for greatness is within everyone who steps onto our property, then why should money stop them? Why should money stop us?

Camp is about being a child even if your experiences at home won’t allow you to be. It’s about returning to your childhood even though that part of your life has passed. It’s about returning to community in a world which is enamoured by the self, and respecting what we have been given even though others will not. Camp is about stewardship through the cultivation of vegetables to the cleaning of dishes. Camp is about self knowledge from the creativity to perform to the courage to push oneself out of their comfort zone. Camp is about relationships from the caring for one another to the calm we experience through Christ. I believe that access to an experience such as this is paramount to the development of these children and for the future of Camp Kintail.

It is for these reasons that I am pleased to announce the North to South Hike for Campership. During the spring of 2016 staff will be hiking to raise money to send those children who are less fortunate to camp here at Kintail. Spanning close to 900 km, the Bruce Trail stands as a cultural and environmental icon of Southern Ontario. In May, Pika, Stork, Shea, and Talus will leave Queenston up the spine of the Niagara Escarpment. God willing, we will arrive at Tobermory on the other side of the province in June. Along the way we will collect pledges to send children to camp while consistently posting content to both the web page and Facebook profile. It is our goal to raise 10 thousand dollars, and we can’t do it without you.


We could use your support through any of these four methods.

  • Pledge: All funds can be pledged to the End to End program for campership. Cheques will be made out to Camp Kintail with a note in the memo for Campership End to End. Kintail will be able to provide tax receipts to those who donate. Pledges can happen in one of four ways:
Donate Online

or you can:

  1. Send your donation by mail to Camp Kintail at Box 153 Goderich ON, N7A 3Z2
  2. Pledge and support through your nearest Presbyterian Church. Here you will find brochures for the summer and pledge forms to be completed
  3. Contact us directly at [email protected]
  • Provide: This event is powered through the hikers themselves. This means that none of this money raised will go towards putting on the event. When needed, people can provide non-monetary donations to lower the overall prices of the event. Feel free to contact us through [email protected]
  • Participate: As this event is designed to encourage healthy-active living, our itinerary is available to allow for guests to join in. Guests will be encouraged to participate for however long they desire.If you would like to join at any point on the journey, please refer to this itinerary.
Trip Itinerary
  • Pray: people who choose to follow this event can pray; for safety and those who cannot afford camp.

Quick Summary:

The North to South Campaign seeks to collect pledges for the Camp Kintail campership fund by hiking the entire Bruce Trail to pay for youth who cannot afford the regular cost of camp. It is the goal of this campaign to raise $10,000 over the spring of 2016. Four participants each with a connection to Camp Kintail will hike, collect pledges, and engage the wider Southern Ontario Presbyterian communities.

The route will follow the Bruce Trail from Tobermory to Queenston with certain smaller trails being used during less intensive hikes for the community. This event is not commercialized as Camp Kintail is a non-profit organization.


 The Route: