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As we continue in this time of social distancing, offering love for our neighbours by staying apart- there are many things to miss. The family and spiritual renewal of Sunday worship is something that we so often need and lean on in these times, and it can be challenging to not physically be together. We are lucky though to live in a digital world where there are more options than ever before to stay close to one another without leaving home. Find online worship services and live-streams from some of our chaplains and churches! Peace be with you, and we pray for everyone’s health and comfort in these troubling times.

Kintail Worship

Easter Sermons from Theresa McDonald-Lee – Listen here

Chapodcast – Morning Devotions found on Facebook

Three circle graphic are next to one another. From left to right, the first one is the logo for Camp Kintail's Down at Kintail Camp podcast series. The second is the cross by the beach deck overlooking Lake Huron. The third is an image graphic made with colourful lettering reading "Chapodcast".

Online Worship Services

Rev. Cherie  Inksetter

St. Giles Presbyterian Church in Saint Catharines- Facebook Live 10AM

Rev. James Clark

St. Lawrence Presbyterian Church, London – Youtube Live 10AM

Rev. Allan Farris 

Paterson and Laurel Lea Saint Matthews, Sarnia – Youtube

Rev. Mavis Currie

Knox, St. Thomas – Facebook and Youtube

Rev. Grant Vissers

Knox Church, Waterdown – Facebook 

Rev. Randy Benson

Central Grey Bruce Presbyterian Cooperative Ministry- Youtube