Wooly Mammoth’s Guest Post

By February 22, 2009Uncategorized

Every time I look at a calendar it seems to be a new month! It is only a week until March, and do you know what that means? LIT applications are coming due! There are four LIT RCs that are incredibly excited to get up to Kintail and put these programs together. But what good is a LIT program without LITs? There are two different opportunities for potential LITs, one that involves outtripping and the other that involves a focus on Music and Art leadership. Both programs focus on leadership skills that you can not only use at camp, but also to help you get involved at home!

I was a LIT in 2001 and Outtripping LIT RC in 2005. Of all the summers I have spent at Kintail, these two stand out as my favourite. I learned so much about myself and what I could do, and was able to grow in my faith with my peers in a positive environment.I am now one of the Music and Art LIT RC and look forward to giving people the opportunity to experience something similar to what I have experienced.

Again, I am VERY excited for this summer, as are the other LIT RCs and the rest of the program staff. We want to make sure this special opportunity is available for as many people as possible, so if you have any friends that are 15-17 years old (turning 16 this year), or if you fit those qualifications yourself and want to spend four weeks at Camp Kintail, then check out http://www.campkintail.ca/lit.cfm for the application, and do it soon, applications are due at the end of the month!See you soon!Scott McGinnis/Wooly Mammoth

Wooly Mammoth as an LIT. Can you guess which one he is?