Women’s Night at Senior Co-Ed

By November 2, 2011Uncategorized, Staff

” Ohh yes its ladies night!”

Hazel here, just wanted to update ya’ll on what happened at our senior co-ed camp! The second monday was ladies night! All of the female campers and counsellors got together for a night of girl bonding and celebration. We started off with an intense game of trivia volleyball- Team SM prevailed over Team FT with a score of 7-6. Somehow our volleyball game turned into a flash mob-dance party, rockin’ out to tunes from Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Abba.After our sports game we all headed up to the lodge for a sweet treat! We indugled in a sundae social- choosing from a variety of ice cream flavours and toppings – yes, even whip cream! After our bellies were full we set off to Keewaydin on yet another adventure. We decked ourselves out in glowsticks and glowpaint and played some camp favourite games in the dark. While Vapour built us a roarrrinn’ fire we got creative with some sparklers spelling out our names and other fun things. Gathered together around the campfire to close off the night with a wonderful sing-a-long, was indeed, the perfect way to end a night of fun and femininity. What can we say, girls just wanna have fun!

Haze out.