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By May 28, 2009Uncategorized

Wombat’s Blog

When Trillium called me up and asked me to go on the pre-out trip with the LIT RC’s Flare and Solstice and the Out-Tripper Axis I was super excited! I got to camp last Wednesday to help pack up and then we left bright and early at 7:00 in the morning the next day. It was exciting to see the may staff this year and see the new renovations of the site, but while I was packing for the trip I couldn’t think of anything but how fun the trip would be!

When we arrived at the Rain Lake access point we met up with Trillium’s brother Jamie and we were ready to go! We had one portage right off the bat that seemed to take forever, but luckily that was the longest one of the trip. It was good to get that out of the way first because once we did the longest portage we knew we could do the other portages no problem!

The first night we arrived at our campsite at Casey Lake at around 4:00 so we had lots of time to set up tents and make dinner. We picked a nice breezy campsite so we could keep the bugs away – it was Black fly season so we returned with lots of itchy bug bites! The second day we canoed through the beautiful Petawawa River and picked a campsite on Misty Lake. By the third day we stayed at Jubilee Lake and then in the morning completed our trip back to Misty Lake. It was an awesome trip with lots of challenging aspects but our group worked very well together and we all felt a great sense of fulfillment when we finished our trip. Jamie also did an awesome job teaching us what we needed to know and other things that helped to make future trips easier – Thanks so much Jamie!

Now that I’m back from the trip I’m here at camp getting ready to rock Watercraft again this year – I’ve got some new ideas and more experience this year so I know it will be a blast – get excited for lots of canoeing and Kayaking!

See you in the summer