Wombat’s Guest Post

By October 19, 2011Uncategorized

Wombat’s Ballistic Beaming Blog Post!
Hey Kintail world, It’s been another great summer and sooo much has happened; it is very hard to pick one favourite part of the summer! I know this may be tacky (and most likely the common response for everyone who has had my job in the
past), but being an LIT RC and watching the LIT’s grow each month was truly the most rewarding part of my summer and perhaps my whole camp life. Seeing these young adult’s interest to inspire children, grow in faith and keep this camp
amazing with new and fresh mindsets has renewed so much in me, including my faith. Over the past couple of years I have not been nourishing my relationship with God as much as I would like, but seeing these young adults with their genuine curiosity and desire to grow in their own faith has inspired me to be a better Christian and spend more time with God. So LIT’s; I would like to thank you for the awesome summer, your keen and excited personalities, and for renewing my faith. Never lose your curiosity and wonder and always remember that camp is a special place that will always welcome you with open arms.
Wombat/Liam Reilly