WMS General Council

By May 6, 2009Uncategorized

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the WMS General Council at Crieff Hills Conference Centre. Anna and I met women from across the country who have a heart for mission and a love for the church of Jesus Christ. It was inspiring to hear of the stories of local WMS groups and the work that they do across the church. I had the chance to briefly address the group and asked who in the room had been a camper at a Christian camp as a child. I was taken aback when almost the entire room held up their hand. Many in the room had also served on camp boards or camp staffs. There is a connection to attending camp as a child and later involvement in faith communities. A week at camp can make a difference for the rest of a camper’s life. The faithful women at General Council are a testament to the faith found and strengthened at camp. I was lucky to meet Lottie Sutherland who directed girls camps at Kintail in the 1950s. She was still up at the front leading energizers for the women!