Why Register at Kintail? We have great food!

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Why Register for Camp @ Camp Kintail?

The Camp Kintail staff and board work hard all year long to make sure camp is a fun, safe, and learning environment for all our campers and guests.  This is part of a series about why Camp Kintail is a great summer camp to send your child to, highlighting common questions we get from parents.  At the end of conversations with new Kintail parents, the common comment has been, “We heard from a friend Kintail was a great camp, and after hearing your answers we can see why.  The previous camp my children attended did not have these services or policies in place, and I wish I would have asked.”

Question: Tell me a bit more about the food at Kintail?  What if my child is a picky eater?  What if they have an allergy or intolerance?

Answer : Food and the kitchen is a priority for us, as it is a big part of the warm Christian hospitality that we want everyone to experience when they are at Camp Kintail.  Our chefs and kitchen staff work hard to provide lots of delicious, nutritious and safe food that everyone will like.  We strive to achieve our goal that everyone is so well nourished each day that children will report the food was amazing to their parents.  It is common for us to receive e-mails following camp asking for recipes or how we prepared something that a child ate at camp but will not eat at home.

We welcome back Lisa “Peppermint” Molenaar as our Kitchen Manager for the third summer.  She works hard to create healthy, balance, and delicious menus for our campers and staff.  She is always willing to speak to a parent and ensure that every child’s needs are being met.

All our meals are served family style to the table, with a vegetarian option always available.  For children who do not prefer the meal that day, there is always bread, soybutter, jam, cheese, and fruit available at the front counter.  Fruit is available all day for a snack whenever a camper is hungry.

All special diets and allergies are accommodated with individual meal options prepared as needed.  We do recommend parents send food for the kitchen to prepare if they want a certain brand or exact type of food prepared (ie a specific brand of gluten free pasta).  Camp Kintail’s kitchen is “nut-aware.”  Camp Kintail does not prepare or serve any meals with peanuts or nuts, but due to the large volume of guests on our site, we can not guarantee a peanut free site.

Camp Kintail purchases good quality food, not the cheapest.  As a not for profit camp, our goal is to provide a high quality nutritious food experience.  For example, we only serve chicken fingers, nuggets or chicken burgers that are 100% white meat.  Camp Kintail tries to purchase local meat and produce when possible.  All of our products come from farms and suppliers that are properly inspected and certified.  We love when we can get local berries, or tomatoes, or meat, since we are surrounded by wonderful farms.

We welcome any questions about our food products and procedures.  We have some parents that like to tour the kitchen or talk to the cook when they drop their child off for a week.  We welcome this as we love to show off the hard work of the kitchen staff and our facilities.  We are happy to send you a copy of the menu for the week your child will be at camp, and this can be especially helpful if you have someone with allergies or that is a really picky eater.