Why Register at Kintail? We have a great Health Care system.

By March 22, 2013Why Register?

Why Register for Camp @ Camp Kintail?

The Camp Kintail staff and board work hard all year long to make sure camp is a fun, safe, and learning environment for all our campers and guests.  This is the first of several posts about why Camp Kintail is a great summer camp to send your child to, highlighting common questions we get from parents.  At the end of conversations with new Kintail parents, the common comment has been, “We heard from a friend Kintail was a great camp, and after hearing your answers we can see why.  The previous camp my children attended did not have these services or policies in place, and I wish I would have asked.”

Health & Safety

Question from a Mother:  My child takes a medication each day.  How will it be administered?

Answer:  Camp Kintail has experienced Registered Nurses or Registered Practical Nurses who volunteer for each week of the summer.  They meet with parents as children are dropped off on Sunday, and go over any medication that might be needed for the week.  On Saturday, they return medication and discuss any treatments when you pick up your child on Saturday.  During the week, your child’s counsellor will take your child to the nurse at the required time to receive their medication.

The nurse does not leave site during the week, keeps all medications in a locked cabinet, and keeps records of any medications given.  The nurse carries a CB radio with her, so she is available immediately no matter where she is at the campsite.  All staff at Camp Kintail have Standard First Aid and CPR level C, and are trained to immediately send for the nurse in case of an emergency.  For the summer of 2013, all of our nurses have the experience of at least one summer at Kintail, with several of them have more than five years as a camp nurse.

Our Health Centre , called Feathers, is a beautiful, modern cottage equipped with sinks in each of the rooms, air conditioning and a good variety of health supplies.  We are 15 minutes from an excellent hospital in Goderich, and EMS is usually onsite with 5 minutes of being called.  For 2013, we will also have an AED machine in our dining hall, to offer even more effective life saving treatment if required.

Do not hesitate to ask us about any of our health and safety policies and practices, and please compare us to any other camp.