Why Register at Kintail? We are an Accredited Camp.

Why Register for Camp @ Camp Kintail?

The Camp Kintail staff and board work hard all year long to make sure camp is a fun, safe, and learning environment for all our campers and guests.  This is the first of several posts about why Camp Kintail is a great summer camp to send your child to, highlighting common questions we get from parents.  At the end of conversations with new Kintail parents, the common comment has been, “We heard from a friend Kintail was a great camp, and after hearing your answers we can see why.  The previous camp my children attended did not have these services or policies in place, and I wish I would have asked.”


Question: What does is mean to be accredited by the Ontario Camps Association?

Answer:  Camp Kintail has been accredited with the Ontario Camps Association since 1979.  There is a complete set of Standards that cover everything from dishwashing, to archery storage, to high ropes inspections, to staff training, to the age of the counsellors, and to the level of experience of the Directors.  The Ontario Camps Association is an industry leader in camping around the world, and the standards help to maintain and encourage a high level of safety, programming, and supervision.  Camp Kintail is visited every fours years by a member of the Ontario Camps Association to ensure that all standards are being met.  Theresa and Johnathon are also visitors to other camps for the OCA.

In addition to the Ontario Camps Association standards, Camp Kintail ensures that the policies of the Huron County Health Unit, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Labour, and the local Lucknow Fire Department are all being followed.  We receive regular visits from all of these organizations and work closely with them to ensure the highest standards.

Camp Kintail is also a member of the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association.  This allows us to connect with other Presbyterian camp leaders to work towards building a faithful camp experience.