Why Register at Camp Kintail? We take Beach Safety very seriously.

Why Register for Camp @ Camp Kintail?

The Camp Kintail staff and board work hard all year long to make sure camp is a fun, safe, and learning environment for all our campers and guests.  This is the first of several posts about why Camp Kintail is a great summer camp to send your child to, highlighting common questions we get from parents.  At the end of conversations with new Kintail parents, the common comment has been, “We heard from a friend Kintail was a great camp, and after hearing your answers we can see why.  The previous camp my children attended did not have these services or policies in place, and I wish I would have asked.”

Beach & Water Safety

Question: How do you keep the campers safe on the beach?

Answer: At the beach, we have buoy lines that mark the designated swimming area.  At free swim, there will be a minimum of four lifeguards on duty.  One will sit in the guard chair on the beach to have an overview of the entire swimming area, and this lifeguard has the CB radio available.  The other 3 lifeguards will be on each of the 3 sides of the buoy lines, watching the swimmers.  Throughout each swimming session the whistle blows, and campers line up in their cabins to be counted.  When everyone is present, campers are allowed back in the water.  One of your camper’s counsellors will always be in the water with your child, while the other monitors beach activities.  There is a board at the bottom of the beach steps where counsellors indicate if their cabin is at the beach, or if a camper with their counsellor has went to the washrooms.

On opening day, each camper does a swim test to assess their level of comfort and safety in the water.  Each camper and staff wears a coloured wristband to identify their level of swimming.  This helps our lifeguards keep a careful watch on children who may not be as comfortable in the water.  Lifejackets are also available for any camper who may want some extra buoyancy!  Of course, all campers and staff wear lifejackets when they are boating.  When boating, we also have a motorized rescue boat ready to respond to any emergency.

Approximately one quarter  of the Kintail staff are lifeguards.  This means even if the staff member is not scheduled to be lifeguarding, they know what to watch for when swimming.  Camp Kintail hires two full time Waterfront and Watercraft Directors, who not only have National Lifeguard (NLS) certification, but they take a special Waterfront Lifeguard course, so they are trained in the differences of a lake versus a pool.  These two Waterfront Directors are dedicated to the beach, checking the safety equipment each day, and monitoring and training the other staff who assist with lifeguarding.

For a complete look at all our waterfront and watercraft policies please click here: Waterfront and Watercraft Operational and Emergency Procedures.