Why I am Running the Lane

On June 10th, Camp Kintail will be hosting “Run The Lane for Campers.”  We are excited to raise money for our Campership Fund to allow even more children attend camp this summer.

I am running because I was sponsored to come to Camp Kintail when I was a child.  My home congregation of Glencoe Presbyterian Church has an amazing group of women called The Willing Workers.  They decided in the early 1980’s to pay half the camp fee for any child who wanted to go to camp.  This was a huge gift of love from these women to the children of the church.  I am certain that over fifty children over the past thirty years have been able to go to camp due to the love and support of these women.  It wasn’t a one time offer, as I was able to attend camp every year from the time I was six to when I was a Leader in Training at fifteen.  Many of those campers have went on to become staff members at Kintail and involved members of Glencoe Presbyterian Church.  These women invested in me and they believed that camp would make a difference – and it did!

I credit camp with so much  in my life.  It was a safe place where I was able to become who God was calling me to be.  I found a circle of friends.  I spent time in the outdoors.  I learned to paddle a canoe, portage a canoe, tie a knot, build a fire, and take care of the earth.  I learned patience and compassion.  I realized that I needed to pay attention to the smallest among us.  I struggled to live in Christian community and learned that the struggle is worth the effort. I found the love of God over and over again.

I am running the lane because I want others to have the same experience.  I was lucky enough to have women in my life who wanted the best for me.  I want to be there for children who may not have that circle of support.  I want every child to feel safe and loved and beloved.

Please consider running the lane or sponsoring a runner.  I will be happy to run for you and your reasons about why camp is important!

Peace, Theresa “Trillium” McDonald-Lee