Why I Am Running The Lane…. Todd Beneteau

Why am I running the lane? I have lots of reasons why I “could” do this…

I’m 39 years old, and while I don’t think of myself as a couch potato, the fact is I probably haven’t run more than 50yards since high school. So doing some training and getting into shape to run 5km would be a good reason.

It’s also another good reason to show up at Camp Kintail for the day – I’m always looking for an excuse to visit.

And that I was challenged by a friend who has had more “life experience” than I. The fact that HE will be doing the run, certainly adds motivation for me to step up to the challenge.

These are all good reasons for me to Run the Lane. But that isn’t it…

I’ve been involved with Camp Kintail in various ways for over 20 years. I know what a powerful, life-changing experience camp has been for me. It’s where I feel closest to God, and where I have always gone to renew my spirit – something I’m eternally grateful for. And I’ve been blessed in recent years to witness first-hand the effect camp has had on others. I’ve known people – children and adults alike – whose lives have been changed forever because of their experience at Camp Kintail. Now my own children come to camp every summer, and I see how much THEY grow at camp – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

But it isn’t always “easy” to send someone to camp. It takes a significant investment. And while nobody disagrees that it’s “worth it”, sometimes for any number of reasons it’s just beyond the means for a family to send their kids to camp. Our campership fund is here to make sure that every child who wants to come to camp, has that opportunity. The money raised during this event will replenish the campership fund, so that all children have that chance.

Why am I running the lane? Because I refuse to accept the idea of a young person who wants the life-changing experience of going to camp this summer, and can’t because I decided it was “too hard” for me to run. And for the same reason, I’m proud to running the lane side-by-side with my son Joshua.

We need your help. Please consider running the lane, or sponsoring a runner.

In His Service,

Todd Beneteau

Camp Board Convener



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  • Ocelot says:

    Great post Todd! I’m glad to hear you’re running. What you wrote really resonates with me. I was sitting on the fence but now I really want to raise some money to share those experiences which were given to me. See ya there.