Why I Am Running the Lane by Meridian

By May 13, 2015Staff, Run The Lane

Meridian here! For those of you who don’t yet know me, I am proud to be Camp Kintail’s music and drama director this season. Between my years on staff, and years counselling, this will be my 9th year in the wonderful world that I know as the Kintail community. This will however be my first summer partaking in camp’s classic “Run the Lane” fundraiser.

As an immediate point of perspective, I would like to note once more that I am music and drama director…

Want harmonized arrangements or some solid improvisational activities? I’m your girl! Want coordination, athleticism, and stamina? Well… I could write a song about those things.

My point is that running and I mix like water and oil. With that image in my mind and yours, why am I choosing to run (or realistically, moderately jog) the lane?

My first encounter with Kintail was a gift from my cousin. Being a previous staff member, she wanted me to experience Kintail too, and paid to have me come along with her to family camp. I had never experienced camp of any kind, but by the end of my first day I was certain that I’d found the creme de la creme. So, after having what could only be described as the “BEST TIME EVER!” of my eleven year old life, it was no surprise that upon my return my father found me begging for another trip to my new Lake Huron home.

Unfortunately, despite my dedication and persistence, my father’s response to my query was a flat “no”.

While (at the time) I’m sure I painted my dear old dad as a villain standing between me and my summer paradise, the real bad guy was a bank account that just wouldn’t cut it.

Regardless of my retaliation of angstily delivered silent treatments , my dad did want to send me. With some research he came across the campership program, and in little to no time, his “no” on the camp conundrum morphed into a confidently confirmed “yes”.

With giggles and hugs and a lift on the exile of silence, I was off to claim my bunk and sing about bananas at the campfire. That lovely little summer departure continued on and on, until I was no longer the camper, but the counsellor.

Every moment I have ever had at camp has profoundly impacted me. Through all of my camp friendships, experiences and life lessons learned, camp has been a cornerstone on all levels to the foundation of my being. I could not imagine ever feeling more challenged, accomplished or fulfilled by any other job. A job I would not have if not for having been a camper. A camper I would not have been if not for the campership made available to me. A campership that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for people who took the time to run (or moderately jog, or walk, or crawl) the lane – and that is why I will be involved this year, and years to come.