Where is the world is Flame? Gameti, NWT

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Hi Kintail Family!

Flame here reporting from the Great White North! For a year now I have been living in a First Nations community in the Northwest Territories teaching at the local school. Gameti is an island found in the Great Slave region with a population of about 250 people. I am one of the two high school teachers at our school, teaching 15 high school students total. Mostly I teach Math and Science classes and my co high school teacher teaches English and Social Studies. This semester I had the opportunity to teach an Outdoor Education class!

Even though I no longer work at Camp Kintail, I have never stopped being a camp counselor. I use the skills that I learned and developed at Camp Kintail every day in my job. Now that I’m teaching Outdoor Education I can teach my students hard skills like fire building, tarp shelter construction and outdoor survival skills. I am even teaching my students the famous Kintail/Menesetung “Born This Way” Flash Mob dance in Phys Ed class. More importantly, the years that I spent working as a close knit team on the Camp Kintail staff taught me how to live and work in community. The school in Gameti is very small with only 6 teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 12; this means that we need to work closely as a team and Camp Kintail prepared me for this. Kintail taught me the importance of communication and how to work as a supportive team member. Being on staff developed my leadership skills so that now in my career I have the confidence to take initiative to introduce my students to new opportunities.

This October I took my Outdoor Education students out on the land for a two night camping trip. This is the first year that my school has offered Outdoor Education as a high school class and so far it is going great!

Here is the newspaper article from News North in Yellowknife on our adventure!

Lessons on the Land