Where in the World is Flame?

By February 8, 2013Where in the World?

Kintail Around the World!!

Salam a leikum Kintail family! It’s Flame checking in from Kuwait in the Middle East.

This year I’ve been working at a private American girls school in Salwa, Kuwait as a high school math and science teacher. Every day in the desert brings new excitement! Between sand storms, camel races and 30oC+ weather I’m always on my toes. It’s been quite an adventure living around the world in a country with a culture so different from the one that I grew up in.

We had “Sports Day” at school and it reminded me a lot of camp! We had a lot of fun cheering our teammates on as we competed in 5 different sports events: Dodge ball, Ultimate Football, Soccer, Kickball and 100m dash. It was a blast teaching my students different cheers and songs!

I hope that everyone is getting excited for the upcoming camp season! It’s just around the corner!

Ma’a salaama!