What’s MALIT all about?

Hiya! Greetings interweb universe.

It is us, the MA LITs. We are here to confirm your suspicions that M.A stands for “Music and Art” and that L.I.T stands for “Leader in Training”. We are also here to tell you about our totally radical month. During this T.R.M (totally radical month) we did…everything. Some of everything includes rapid rivers, gnarly camp-outs, wild dishwashing extravaganzas, and enough leadership to wrap around the world multiple times. We had some amazing L.I.T RCs (resource counsellors); Vapour and Quasar (Vaps and Quaz). Who we are pretty certain would fight a bear for us. We were super lucky to have such helpful, caring, zany leaders to teach us nothing short of stellar leadership skills. We would like to thank them and give them this internet heart <3. But enough about them, we would like to tell you just what this program means to us.
Over the span of the month we all became more comfortable with our abilities to lead, and were given the chance to apply them on a daily basis. For example, helping cabins during day camp, sprouts and family camp, as well as leading campfire, sessions, group games, chapels and morning activities, just to name a few. However, it wasn’t all about helping others to grow; it was about growing ourselves too. We all loved the sense of pride that came with getting our nature names and having our own sign in the LIT loft. We would recommend this program to anyone; anyone who likes fun, good times, gooder friends, and one darn good – unforgettable month.

Sincerely yours,

The 2010 Music and Art LITs
Siskin, Beets, Rush, Poppy, Gmone, Frog, Orangutan, Cyclone