Get ready for an amazing week at Kintail!

Alright, campers!

We are so excited for you to come to stay for a fantastic week at camp. There are so many activities for you to do while you’re here. Whether you come with friends or by yourself, there will be so many opportunities for you to make new and amazing friends at camp! I know staying at camp is a unique experience, so hopefully, this blog post will help you prepare for a fun-filled week of activities and excitement.

You will stay in cabins with your counsellor at a camp for the week. Cabins will consist of eight to ten campers accompanied by two counsellors who will be with you all week. The cabins have bunk beds, and you can choose which bunk you stay in if there is an option available. Whether you stay in a top or bottom bunk is up to you! Bunk beds are first come, first serve, so there is no guarantee you’ll get the bunk you want, but your counsellors and cabin mates will work together to make sure that everyone is comfortable and feels good about where they are staying!

Your days will be packed with so many fun activities that we have something for everyone to enjoy! If you are an early bird, we have the polar dip in the morning before chapel and breakfast. After morning activities everyone comes together for chapel before breakfast. After breakfast, there is a multitude of activities you could be doing, with all their own challenges and excitement! So, whether you are swimming at the beach, braving the heights at High Challenge or testing your aim at our slingshot and archery ranges, there will be something for everyone to do.

If you were worried about what you eat, then fear no more! Every meal will be served family style, meaning that you and your cabin will have a large bowl or platter of food at your table, meaning you will be able to serve yourself. In addition, our kitchen will know if you have specific dietary needs, such as gluten, or dairy free, and you will have food made for you!

All cabin mate requests are accommodated. You will spend your day with your cabin mates and camp counsellors throughout the day. There are many opportunities for you to make tons of new friends and spend time with friends you already know.

As you get ready to come to camp, make sure you bring clothes that you are prepared to have tons of fun in! Your parent will have an email that was sent to them with a packing list and more details about the camp and what to expect! Don’t bring your phones or electronics with you to camp. There will be no time to use them. However, if you have an instrument that you want to bring to camp with you, we will be excited to hear you play it!

Camp is a fantastic place, with so many wonderful opportunities! Come meet all the staff and learn their unique camp names. Participate in a multitude of activities of different types and be ready for a week full of excitement and fun! We can’t wait to have you here!

See you soon!



A Day At Camp

Every day may not look exactly like what is listed below but this gives you an overview of roughly what to expect! Session blocks include activities like archery, arts and crafts, slide, slingshot, fire building, fort building, rock wall (ages 7+), high ropes (ages 9+), nature hike, and more! VOKs have a schedule that leaves room for them to help with dishes after each meal. VOKs will still get to participate in all of the camp’s activities.


7:20 Morning Activities Early risers have a chance to participate in Polard Dip or two other activities that will change daily. Campers will be told about the options before bed the night prior and counsellors will know who wants to sleep in and who will need to be woken up for a morning activity. Activities are led by staff and are fully supervised. (ie. Soccer, Crafts, Yoga)
8:00 Chapel After morning activities, campers gather at their cabins with their counsellors and go down to the chapel for songs and a Bible story to be shared.
8:20 Breakfast Set 2 cabins will leave the chapel a little early to set the tables for everyone at breakfast with the help of their counsellors/ other staff.
8:25 Breakfast A delicious breakfast will be served! Campers will always have options of cereal, yoghurt, or fruit if they don’t like the main dining option (pancakes, waffles, eggs & sausage etc.)

*ODA campers will eat their breakfast at their camp sites 

9:00 Duties/ Cabin Clean Up Cabins will each be assigned a duty before starting their day and will have time to tidy up their belongings.
9:30 FLASH This is a time for group discussions as a cabin or small group based on that day’s FLASH theme. There’s a section with FLASH information later in this email.
10:00 Session 1 Campers will get to enjoy one of the camp’s activities! (Archery, Arts & Crafts, High Ropes, OLS, etc.) 
11:00 Session 2 Campers will get to enjoy one of the camp’s activities! (Archery, Arts & Crafts, High Ropes, OLS, etc.) 
12:15 Lunch Lunch will be served and there is always a full salad bar for campers as well as soy butter and jam to make sandwiches if a camper doesn’t prefer the main meal. Our menu is designed to be child friendly but if your camper talks to their counsellor alternatives can be offered if needed!
1:00 Down & Out Every day after lunch, campers and counsellors go back to their cabin for some rest and relaxation! Campers can choose to nap, read, journal, or write a letter, but everyone must be quiet and in their own bunks. It’s the perfect time for campers to find some personal time in a busy day and avoid the heat!
2:00 Session 3 Campers will get to enjoy one of the camp’s activities! (Archery, Arts & Crafts, High Ropes, OLS, etc.) 
3:30 Free Swim Every day campers will get to enjoy Free Swim! Sometimes free swim will be in the morning, other times there will be beach time in the afternoon. At this time campers can swim, play on the sand, or try a watercraft (canoe, kayak, corcl, etc.)
5:15 Dinner Dinner is also served with a full salad bar for campers as well as soy butter and jam to make sandwiches. Our menu is designed to be child friendly but if your camper talks to their counsellor alternatives can be offered if needed! After dinner, campers will be offered dessert! 
6:00 GAFFY This is a time for campers to enjoy some time choosing what they do! Campers can play basketball, soccer, make bracelets, read, talk to friends, or play other games in the field under the supervision of our staff. This is a nice opportunity for siblings to say hello to each other if they are in different cabins or groups!
7:00 Primetime This is a large game played by multiple cabins! The games will vary based on age, weather, and number of players but can include Capture the Flag, Safari, RISK, BattleShip, Amazing Race, Gauntlet, and more! 
8:15 Campfire A beautiful way to end the day, each camper will enjoy at least one end of the day campfire on the beach. Staff lead the group in song and snacks are offered (golfish crackers, pretzels, popcorn, etc.) and one night of the week each camper will get to make a s’more!
9:00 Bedtime  Campers will have a chance to brush their teeth, prepare for bed and head to their cabins for lights out. Staff will lead “devotions” (a short time for people to reflect on their day) then help everyone settle in for sleep! *Counsellors may read a book out loud until everyone falls asleep! 

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