What Makes Camp Kintail Great?

By April 12, 2014Uncategorized


We are commonly asked what makes Camp Kintail a great camp?  One of the first answers we always provide is that it is the staff.  The staff can often be heard saying they want to provide the campers with the wonderful experiences they felt as children.  They talk about how their counsellors were larger than life to them, and that all they wanted was to be like them when they grew up.  This is so important, when working 23 hour days looking after other people’s children.

At Camp Kintail this is how staff talk, and it is because almost all of our staff grew up as campers for years, then did the 4 week Leader in Training program, and then got a camp name!  This summer we will have 80 staff, 14 whom this will be there 4th summer working or more and 18 for whom this will be there third summer working.  More than 1/3 of the staff have 3 years of experience, and they will teach and guide the others for whom it is only their first or second year.

Camp Kintail staff are great because they love what they are doing, they love where they are working, and they are experienced and successful.