What is ODA by Quantum

By October 1, 2017Uncategorized

I was ecstatic when I received a job offer to be one of the ODA directors for 2017 at Camp Kintail. Immediately I began to wonder what ODA meant to me and what I wanted it to mean to the campers. I believed that the past years of ODA had been missing a crucial element, the adventure; I now had an opportunity to change that. I wanted ODA to be about adventuring in the outdoors, not just being in it. This past year I focussed not just on surviving in the outdoors, but living in it. We are learned all about all-season shelter building, different styles of fire building, knot tying, and do-it-yourself fire starters.

Talking to past ODA Directors has made me realize that one of the most attractive options in ODA is the freedom of choice in making your schedule. This gives us the opportunity to do more of what the campers enjoyed the most. If shelter building is the smash hit activity of the week, we have the freedom to return to it.

ODA is a true adventure in the outdoors; focused on learning about nature and enjoying God’s creation to the fullest.