What I Learned this Summer by Zabrini

By February 11, 2013Uncategorized

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all having an amazing year and looking forward to summer 2013. As I’m writing this everyone is leaving camp. The counsellors left two hours ago and the program staff are cleaning the site so it is ready for the fall. Last night all the staff had a campfire and each person had the opportunity to say something they learned this summer.  While I have always found Kintail an amazing place to work, make lifelong friends and make a difference in children’s lives, I rarely stop to think about how it has changed me as a person. One staff member summed up my feelings perfectly. She said “Kintail isn’t a place, it is who you are when you get off the lane and onto the highway”. I truly believe that everyone who comes to Kintail, whether its kids who are here one day with their school class, or staff members who are here for a whole summer, is changed. Kintail is a place of acceptance where you can truly be yourself and everyone thinks you’re great. There is a place for everyone and everywhere you turn there are people who care for you. Your beliefs are accepted and faith discussions are encouraged. In everything you do you can feel God’s presence. I have become an outgoing, confident person with a strong faith because of coming to camp Kintail and I pray that as many people as possible may come here and experience the amazingly supportive and positive atmosphere here. This summer I have learned that Kintail is a family where everyone is loved and it has made me the person I am today. Hope to see you all next summer!