Wanted: Novice Hobbit Wranglers

Talus Dressed up to Hobbit Hunt in the Gazebo at Camp Kintail.

This is a call for all Hobbit enthusiasts to become a part of the International Hobbit Organizational Pact (IHOP). IHOP is an organization which seeks the international protection of all Hobbits regardless of where they live. As we all know, Hobbits are an endangered species which requires careful monitoring and stewardship if they are to thrive into the future. Therefore, it is the job of all Hobbit wranglers to catch and tag Hobbits so that they can be tracked globally. These tags contain GPS transceivers to aid in locating potential colonies.

There are three types of Hobbits which IHOP is responsible for: Forest Hobbits (who sit in hammocks eating soy butter) House Hobbits (who seek solitude when they read their comic books) and Lake Hobbits (who spend hours combing the beach for pretty stones). If you encounter any of these three species please do not engage them, rather call IHOP who will dispatch the closest wrangler to your present location. If you are interested in becoming a wrangler, please talk to Talus at the next possible opportunity. A friendly reminder that we at IHOP practice a strict catch and release policy.

Happy Hunting!


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