Waking Up in Harmony House by Piglet

By November 13, 2017Uncategorized

As a camper you get to witness waking up with your counsellors and cabin mates as the cabin fills with morning light and excitement for the day. Or perhaps, your counsellor is shaking you awake to help you get ready for morning activities, such as the famous polar dip. This year being on program staff and living in Harmony House, my morning wake up calls are much different.

Waking up in Harmony House is like waking up with a bunch of siblings. We race for the bathrooms and bicker over who gets to go next, we bump into each other stumbling our way up and down the hallway to get ready, and have half asleep morning conversations. With that being said, we also give each other warm morning hugs, ask how each other slept, and share laughter. Waking up in Harmony House is full of surprises too! Sometimes Banana will come running down the hallway offering everyone candy at 7:25am, or Arctic will be doing backflips. It can feel chaotic at times, but as we all walk down to Chapel in unity it is a reminder that Kintail staff are not just a community, but a family.