Volunteers of Kintail by Friction

By September 30, 2014Uncategorized


Hello everyone, Friction here, or other wise known as the maintenace director, with my first blog post of the summer. This summer there were a lot of maintenance projects that got done, but one of my favourites of the summer was the week I got to counsel VOK, (volunteers of kintail). VOK’s are a special group of teenagers that come for a week to get their 30 hours of volunteer service to go towards the 40 they need to graduate high school. They do all the dishes for the week, a work project every morning, and in the evenings they get to have some fun either at the beach, high ropes/rockwall, or something of their choice. This week while I had the pleasure of counseling them, our work project was to finish staining a few cabins so that they were ready for the winter. After a solid two days of staining three cabins we got to collect branches as a reward to put towards our bon fire that we had on the beach on the last night. If you are interested in coming for a week to do VOK, just contact the camp and they will set that up for next summer. As for now there will be a few more posts to come-Friction.