Being Vegan at Camp Kintail

By February 28, 2017Uncategorized

Meerkat, Jasper and Ibex here, the 2016 vegans of Camp Kintail!

Being at camp means eating at camp, and eating at camp means eating a whole lot. However, being vegan, eating a lot means taking special care to monitor both our diets and bodies to make sure we are always healthy and ready for the day’s work.

It’s not so difficult as many of you omnivores may believe, veganism can be a challenge in everyday life, not to mention at a place away from home and the luxury of preparing one’s own meals in one’s own kitchen. Peppermint and Guava, our two camp kitchen managers, were the most gracious lords of lunch, the bravest bishops of breakfast, the dearest dukes of dinnertime. Maintaining a specialty diet at Camp Kintail would be difficult, if not impossible, without their support. The most special thanks go to the both of them for putting up with our absurd desire to eat only things without arms, legs, eyes, or other wiggly bits.

Our vegan diets rely on the (relatively) new salad bar. At every lunch and dinner, a fully equipped salad bar provides enough protein and vitamins to sustain all hungry humans, not just us vegetarians. Between the salad bar and the vegan alternatives to the main meal, staying properly nourished at Camp Kintail, while still sticking to our personal dietary values, is a breeze.

-Jasper, Ibex, and Meerkat