Vapour’s Guest Post

By November 23, 2011Uncategorized

Hello friends!

As I look back over the summer and think about the 4 months that I have been here, it is hard for me to think of think of moments that I could classify as my ‘favourite’, or ‘the best’. After all, how can you pick out specific moments when the whole summer has been one of the best you’ve ever had? Working at camp has always been a blessing for me, but this summer has truly been one of the best in my camp career.

This is the second summer I have worked with the Leader in Training program here at Camp Kintail – last summer I worked with Quasar on the MA LIT programme, and this summer I worked with Wombat and the Out-tripping LITs. I can easily say that being an LIT RC (Leader
in Training Resource Counselor) is my favourite thing to do here. The benefit of LIT for each person involved is enormous – not only for the LITs, but also for us as their RCs. They definitely taught me as much as I taught them! It was amazing to see each individual grow throughout the month as the LIT groups grew together and bonded in the camp community. It was also just an incredibly fun
time at camp spent with two groups of great LITs, and my amazing co! We tie dyed and silk screened, made ice cream and play-doh, developed accents, went a little Harry Potter crazy on trip, swam and played in the waves of Lady Huron, drew lots of unicorns, and laughed until our sides hurt. To all you campers out there, I hope that some day you are able to come and be an LIT here – it is definitely worth it!

Camp has always been a place where I have gained as much as I have given. It is here that I have gained confidence, new friends, qualifications, a 5-year tree, an understanding of God, and a home. Working and living in this community, you learn quickly that despite the number of years you have been on staff, you always have much to learn and find new ways to grow. This couldn’t be truer of my summer – I have learned as much as I have taught, I have grown in my faith and my confidence, and I have discovered new things about myself. How blessed am I to be here, and to have spent my summer in this place.

Much love,