Vapour’s Guest Post

By March 5, 2009Staff

Hey there Kintail fans and campers! It is now my turn to make a lovely blog post!

Camp crafts hasn’t been held since approximately 1999 – ten years! I’m super excited to be bringing it back! Some of the things I’ll be doing as Camp Crafts include teaching how to backpack, build fires, cook outside, build emergency shelters, and how to fight bears, among other things. Who knew you could learn so much on outdoor survival skills? I’ll also be running a lot of the onsite tripping, when we take individual cabins out in tents for the night. It’s always a lot of fun, and a great time for cabins to bond and learn more about each other. A lot of kids also like getting the more ‘rugged’ camping feel, without going on a full length trip, and it’s not too hardcore for the kids that aren’t fond of tough camping – no thunderboxes and tent trenching for us!

One of the really exciting thing about my summer is two new ‘Outdoor Adventure’ camps, K3O and K9O. Both of these camps will be held in Tir-na-nog, cabins on site, but slightly removed from the rest of camp. We will be doing our own thing, cooking a lot of our own food, and focusing primarily on the outdoors. I am super excited for these camps! It’s always neat to be a part of something new at Kintail 🙂 You can also check out the brochure for these camps at our main website.

The summer is steadily getting closer, and the weather’s getting warmer! Hang in there until sunnier days, Kintail fans!

– Vapour