Titan: How Camp Kintail has helped me grow.

Kintail has helped me grow in so many different ways, however, the main way that Kintail has helped me grow has been with my self-confidence. I used to be a very shy kid, those of you who know me now will know that that is not true anymore. That’s because camp has given me many opportunities to break out of my shell and to grow as a person. This break out started in senior co-ed where I went from only talking to the camp staff and my friend that I came to camp with, to talking to a few different campers around the camp. Now this growth might not seem like much but this helped me turn from a shy kid to the captain of my basketball team in the same year. Next summer I did the LIT program, this was an awesome chance for me to keep stepping out and I had tonnes of chances to step up and take leadership roles amongst children, this was awesome because it taught me to lead and then the next school year I was able to help lead a house league basketball program with the long-time runner of it. I then went to my first year on staff where I was able to take the last jump out of my shell and I was able to be crazy and fun with kids, this was amazing for me and that leads to today. I still feel as though camp is helping me grow as a person and changing me into a stronger and more confident leader everyday.



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