Titan at the ACCT

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A staff member named Titan stands smiling in his orange winter jacket and grey backpack with the snowy landscape of the Tree Garden at Camp Kintail behind him.

“Attendees of the 30th Annual International ACCT Conference & Exposition will learn about some of the top Challenge Course, Canopy/Zip Line Tour and Aerial Adventure Course topics in the world.  Attendees will gain insight and tools for enhancing their Challenge Course and Canopy/Zip Line Tour facilities.” –Why Should I Attend ACCT 2020 

Last week, Titan went down to Raleigh North Carolina with Brian, Kathy, and Dave from Adventureworks for an amazing conference with the Association of Challenge Course Technology! Now that he’s been back here’s some of what he learned and is excited to bring back to Kintail!

What were some of the sessions you attended?

“Team Building from the Toy Aisle” was about reinventing games and a couple things you can do to try to create your own original programming. I went to another session called “Awesome Ice Breakers and Energizers” led by Michelle Cummings who is a great facilitator, I learned a whole bunch of new ice-breakers some she had created herself. Then I went to a session about being in charge, learning about staff management and communication.

There was another great session led by Thomas Leahy about how to provide different levels of choice for people at the ropes course. Later in the conference I went to a session on staff buy-in, and I went to a session led by Kim Neal Wasserburger who talked about being an experimental creative generalist, it was awesome- he incorporated Maslows hierarchy of human needs. I also went to a technical session about things people might think, common practice, ropes, rescue, and debunking some myths.

Who did you run into?

The exhibition hall was also a cool spot to speak with lots of the manufacturers who supply camp: CMI, TEUFELBERGER, PETZl, to name a few. I also spoke with EYOLF and found out they’re a company in Fergus. They are starting to advertise everything as Canadian Made and they invited me for a tour  of the factory which was pretty cool.

Can you spot Titan? Hint” He’s wearing white with a red backpack…

Welcome back Titan!

It was an amazing chance to learn new things, meet great people, and bring back fresh ideas to Camp Kintail! The next time you’re up for a visit be sure to ask Titan more about it, he’ll tell you all about anything. From how a rope is woven to new ways to use Jenga blocks. Thanks for representing Camp Kintail and we are happy you’re back to start weaving in your new skills! Check out more photos of the conference on the ACCT Facebook page!