The Tickle Trunk 2012 by Beluga

By January 11, 2013Uncategorized

Hello, friends and family of Camp Kintail!

It’s Beluga, your Music & Drama Director, bringing you greetings from the Tickle Trunk and Prop Place! Being in charge of the massive, diverse costume closet we have at Camp Kintail has been an unexpectedly awesome part of my summer. In May, when summer seemed so far away, going through and organizing all the costumes gave me so much energy and inspiration as I was planning Music & Drama sessions. My experience throughout the summer has shown me that the costumes are equally exciting for the campers that use them! During K3 (Kintail Explorers), the Tickle Trunk and Prop Place saw a lot of action—there were staff and campers borrowing costumes every day of the week, just for fun! And during K4 (Kintail Express), the costume and set design crew for Beauty and the Beast had a blast creating costume ensembles for all the characters. Throughout the rest of the summer, campers and staff have used the costumes and props during Music & Drama sessions, for theme skits at meals, during Skit Night, and for both camp-wide and single cabin dress-up dinners. And, at Family Camp in August, our adult family campers and I learned an important lesson: costumes aren’t just for kids! Parents, grandparents, teens, and children alike participated in our detective-themed dress-up dinner. I have absolutely loved seeing the wacky characters and costume ensembles campers come up with – it’s always amazing to me how a trunk full of costumes can inspire so much imagination and creativity.

Remember…you’re never too old to dress up in something silly!

In peace,